Flexibility: Embrace the Change

Vasiliki Kotzampasidou Soft Skills
1 min read
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You probably wonder how flexibility is related to changes in IT. The answer is very simple.

Flexibility refers to the quality that enables an individual to adjust and adapt to the changing conditions. Although flexibility is generally beneficial to have when undergoing uncertain situations, it is critical to know why this skill is specifically important to IT developers.

Why is that?

  1. Undoubtedly, technology changes at an incremental rate, so it is highly important for developers to change with it. Those developers who can adapt to the changing technologies are the ones who are able to thrive.
  2. It is not just technology that changes. You may face changes at your working environment as well. In that case, allow yourself to learn how to be more open to criticism. Being receptive to feedback allows you to adapt to others' point of view and improve the code you write.

Do not be afraid of change.
Keep in mind: A measure of one's intelligence is from their ability to change.

Have you ever had a hard time to embrace changes in your workplace?

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