The Power of Persistence

Vasiliki Kotzampasidou Soft Skills
2 min read
person running after a paper plane

Persistence is a necessary skill for every developer. Let’s face it, program development is complex and has many challenges. It is common for every developer, especially juniors, to get stuck on a project. Applications that do not work nor interact with each other like they are supposed to can give you a hard time (no doubt!). It can be frustrating to manage everything and make it work properly, especially when there are deadlines involved. Nevertheless, programmers cannot altogether quit their tasks when things do not go the way as planned.

Instead of giving up, start thinking outside of the box to provide solutions needed for the project. There are some particular steps you should follow.

1. Identify the problem.
2. Subsequently divide it in multiple plans.
3. Examine the most viable plan and execute it.
4. Revise if needed. Always be open to criticism and feedback.

By realizing the importance of these steps, success is in your pocket.

Later on, you will come to an understanding that there is a limitation about being persistent. You cannot stay persistent forever. At some point, your energy when working as an individual will be depleted. The best thing you can do from there is to ask your team lead for hands-on help. Keep in mind: you cannot request for help all the time. That is why you need to achieve a balance between persistence and asking for assistance. Be patient with yourself, you will not get it right the first time. Get some inspiration by reading your colleagues’ codes or looking at some open-source projects. Learn how to be stubborn and humble at the same time.

Persistence can drive you to achieving your goal when you recognize your capabilities (and limits) and practice problem solving. You can get to your destination right away or it might take you 7 tries to complete the project. Nonetheless, putting on an effort to endure through your tasks is, in itself, a success.

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