Soft Skills for Developers: Critical Thinking

Vasiliki Kotzampasidou Soft Skills
2 min read
person working on laptop

If you take a step back and look at software development from a broader perspective, you'll realize that it really is about solving complex problems. It's about designing operating systems, maintaining software applications, or fixing bugs. At some point in their careers, software developers will come across a complex issue. How they handle the problem will affect the company’s operational progress, which is why critical thinking should not be excluded from their “soft skills checklist”.

Critical thinking allows for better decision making, a helpful skill for programmers as they encounter problems and tasks while working on their software. “What tool, library, or algorithm should be used?” – If you’ve asked this question before, stay tuned for some tips.

How can you work on your critical thinking skills?

1. Practice analyzing your problems and finding the relations between one problem to another.

2. Based on gathered information and knowledge, weigh out the pros and cons to determine which solution is most suitable.

3. As you make your decision, make sure to communicate your own ideas to the team without forgetting to listen in on other suggested solutions (Considering more than one alternative is good in the long run).

4. Draw out the implications and provide predictions on the outcomes of other chosen alternative solutions.

5. Reflect on the process. Take the time to reflect on how the analysis was attempted, what choices were assessed, and how the decision was made.

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