The Beginning of a Long-Term Partnership: Routier and CodexWorks' story of success

Sophia Iligan Logistics
May 04, 2021 - 2 min read

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Who's behind CodexWorks?
  3. Who's behind Routier?
  4. The opportunity
  5. The solution


The Beginning of a Long-Term Partnership: Routier and CodexWorks' story of success.

This article encapsulates the journey faced by two Romanian companies, Routier European Transport and CodexWorks Technologies, and how their visions aligned to build a long-standing partnership since 2017.

Three ambitious CXOs. Two different industries. One goal.

Who's behind CodexWorks?

Located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Codexworks Technologies is a software company founded in March of 2017 by Florentin Bota, former CEO of Botashop SRL, and George Monda, former Dynamics CRM Team Lead at NTT Data.

As an emerging start-up in the IT industry, Florentin and George had a vision of delivering innovative services to increase organizational productivity of transport and logistics sectors long-term. Their services expanded from one Microsoft Dynamics Nav project to integrating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and custom software modules. Today, they specialize in Logistics ERP systems and work with an industry-leading partner, Routier European Transport. As of last year, CodexWorks was able to increase their company size by 50%.

Who's behind Routier?

Before expanding abroad in Italy and Germany, Routier European Transport is a logistics company that was founded by Rares Retegan in Cluj, Romania in 2002. Today, Routier has six development and operational offices across the country to ensure a centralized communication between departments and services. The company offers multiple transport services including Intermodal, express, railway, airline, and logistics transport.

Despite the economic downfall and COVID-19 pandemic, the company continued to grow steadily and offered high-quality services and innovative solutions for their customers, standing strong with the principle of "A need, once satisfied, creates new needs".

The opportunity

Before 2016, Routier European Transport focused mainly on truck delivery. Ambitious, Rares had the goal to expand their services to railway freight transportation. One bottleneck stopped this idea from growing into reality: their resources and manpower did not meet the high demand of the service. To meet the quotas they hoped to take on, scaling up was Routier's solution.

This marked the beginning of Florentin and George's dedication to deliver their first custom Logistics ERP. The ERP can take months, if not years, to be developed as a tailored product. Well-aware of this challenge, CodexWorks made sure to build trust with Routier by mapping out a business plan, exploring the company's pain points, and discussing the vision they all shared – to increase productivity through digitization.

The solution

Routier had the vision, CodexWorks made it into reality.

Before mock-ups and initial prototypes for the project, both companies had to be clear about the goal they planned to achieve. Since Rares had a clear vision for expanding their services, he constantly pushed for the idea of investing in upscale technologies. After a series of resource and planning, CodexWorks started to work and make that happen – one feature at a time.


The result: With a clear business plan, vision alignment, and trust between two industries, Routier European Transport was able to thrive from a 12 million to a 25 million turnover in a span of three years. Thanks to ERP integrations and automation, Routier was able to double their productivity in all seven services with their company size of 150.

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Sophia Iligan is the author of this article. She represents CodexWorks in the North American region as a Business Development Consultant. On her spare time, she enjoys cooking Filipino and Korean dishes, snowboarding, and working on her bullet journal.